Bonus: Beyond The Banks

Don't go buying Bitcoin as a green-friendly replacement for your traditional banking needs (but hopefully in the future the underlying technology, Blockchain can enable us to do some cool stuff). Check out DeFi for more info.

Liberty Trust is helping people buy a home in New Zealand by providing interest frees loan to people who donate to the Trust. Based on biblical principles of lending, Liberty believes that lending should be interest free. They require members to make their donation over a period of about 8 - 10 years, and after that time they are entitled to an interest-free loan of seven times the value. The donations stay in the lending pool. It’s a very interesting concept especially for parents with young kids and there's no religious requirements to being a member.

Living Economies has set out to solve several problems at once. They see the traditional financial system as exacerbating inequality and environmental issues while weakening community ties. So they provide online information and advice (all advisors volunteer their time) on how to set up Time Banks; alternative currencies and Savings pools (for friends, families or otherwise connected individuals).

Ethical Investment Specialists (such as Mindful Money) help us watch where our money is going. Examples of ethical investors are Care Saver and Money Matters who help you invest responsibly, sustainably and ethically.

Market Forces for our Aussie listeners and 350 Aotearoa for our kiwi audience are great places to check out how to stop your money going to fossil fuels.


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