EP 13 Democratising wealth management with Jonas Hombert

In episode 13 we discuss the impact of democratising wealth management with Jonas Hombert, with his current company Opti. How can you change wealth management for the everyday person with math and research. Going over his entrepreneurial background we also find his earlier path from Jaycut (sold to Blackberry), the entrepreneurial mindset, and grit.


Currently CEO & co-founder of Opti, one of Swedens largest digital asset management services – basically normal people can now get top-tier management of their money regardless if it’s 2000 or 2 million SEK. Previously CEO and co-founder of JayCut, then the worlds largest web service for video editing, purchased by Blackberry in 2011.

With a degree from Industrial engineering with a focus on mechatronics/robotics from Royal Institute of Technology. Jonas has a passion for building things that people use, both products and companies as a whole, and to understand the overlap between numbers and human behaviour. Not to mention the swarm over robotics and space exploration.


ProgressData.io - A research based tool for HR managers to measure gender & diversity paygap and create parity reports.


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