Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner on the most challenging thing about interviewing Trump

My guest today is Harris Faulkner. Harris is a multiple Emmy award-winning newscaster, anchor, and trailblazer in her field. Harris currently leads two daily programs on Fox News - Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner (weekdays, 1-2PM/ET) and she serves as the co-host of Outnumbered (weekdays, 12-1PM/ET). Harris joined the Fox News Channel in 2005.

Throughout her career, Harris has interviewed many notable figures, including President Trump, Senator John McCain, and Bill Clinton, to name a few.

We cover:

  • What it’s like broadcasting nationally across America from her basement.
  • The biggest challenges in broadcasting from home
  • How Harris switches off from the news, and why this is critical to her wellbeing
  • Why Harris schedules time for spontaneity
  • Harris’ approach to homeschooling without going insane
  • Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day for Harris’ family
  • Harris’ approach to creating a great interview
  • How Harris’ builds rapport with her guests in the virtual environment
  • How Harris was able to build rapport with President Trump
  • The most challenging thing about interviewing President Trump
  • Why Harris studies people before she interviews them
  • Harris’ rules for engaging with social media

You can connect with Harris on Twitter and Instagram

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