My Favourite Tip: Sally Hepworth - Set boundaries to protect your time

Sally Hepworth loves her fans. She loves hearing how they think about her work, and like anyone, she’s partial to a bit of praise every now and then! 
However, as her following has grown over the years, the amount of people seeking pockets of her time has become overwhelming. And as a writer, Sally knows that the only way she can continue to produce great work is to protect that writing time as diligently as she can. It takes discipline, and it can be hard to turn down a conversation with a reader, but it’s the only way she can keep on producing. 
One way Sally protects her time is with her now infamous “No List,” a carefully constructed collection of things she’ll always say no to, even if they’re enticing. 
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You can find the full interview here: Sally Hepworth on her No List, Brain walks and the Nifty Three Fifty rule
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