Your Favourite Tip: Laura Mae Martin - A great day starts the night before

The perfect day starts with the perfect morning routine, right? Or is that too late? 
How I Work listener Jason was struggling to juggle his workload as he transitioned from primary to secondary school teaching. A new system, new spaces, and constant COVID-induced interruptions to the status quo were making it all but impossible to always be in the right place at the right time. 
That is, until he heard that Laura Mae Martin, Google’s Executive Productivity Advisor, doesn’t make a plan of attack every morning. Instead, she plans the night before. 
Jason says this deceptively simple adjustment to his routine has been a lifesaver, especially when last minute classroom changes inevitably crop up!
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You can find the full interview here: Google’s Exectuive Productivity Advisor, Laura Mae Martin, on how she dramatically reduced the amount of time she spends in her inbox
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