BEST OF: Cool tools for health

**BEST OF 2021**
I place a huge value on my health. It’s my number one priority. 
If you’re not healthy, chances are you’re less productive.
Using these tools helps me incorporate physical activity into my day, understand my health patterns so I know where I can make improvements, and trains my brain. 

I use the Apple Smart Rope to count reps when I’m skipping. The rope connects to an app on my phone and lets me know when I have reached my goal. 
Smart Rope:

I use the Whoop band to optimize the way I recover, train, and sleep. It features daily reporting on mobile and desktop apps.  
I use the Apple Watch with pedometer++ app to count my steps throughout the day:
I can now walk and work on my computer with the Walkingpad Pro Treadmill and Ergodesk Automatic Standing Desk (1500mm):
I love being mentally active with these great puzzles from Magic Puzzle: 

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