Ask Me Anything with Dr Amantha Imber: motivation, productivity, procrastination, collaboration, innovation and more.

My guest today! We had hundreds of questions come in for this Ask Me Anything, which is based around how to work from home efficiently and productively. With the help of organisational psychologist Charlotte Rush, we answer your questions around workplace creativity, innovation, energy, productivity, wellbeing, motivation and more.


This is especially relevant to lockdown or work from home setups, which many people are still adapting to. You’ll walk away from today with a few tips of things you might be able to do differently, or pass on to people in your life who might be struggling.


In this chat, we cover:

  • The three key ingredients of staying motivated
  • The best way to set goals
  • Building relationships and team connections while working remotely
  • How to recreate those random workplace moments that lead to amazing opportunities
  • Maintaining your professionalism away from the office
  • Why joining work meetings from your bedroom is OK
  • How to manage difficult conversations virtually
  • Casual team catch-ups from a distance
  • Why lowering expectations is important
  • My favourite book for handling stress
  • Handling increased email traffic while working remotely
  • The best way to take a work break to stay energised
  • My top tip to help you stop procrastinating
  • And more


You can connect with my co-pilot in this chat, Charlotte Rush, on LinkedIn.

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