My Favourite Tip: Janice Lintz - The ‘rule of fours’ for contacting people you admire

You value your time pretty highly, right? That’s part of why you listen to How I Work - you’re trying to get the most out of what precious time you have, whether it’s a matter of getting more done when you’re in the office, or freeing yourself from distraction when you’re with your family. 
So you’d hope others value your time just as much - and therefore, you need to show others how much you value their time, especially if you’re hoping to use some of it. 
This is the underlying principle in all of Janice Lintz’s cold reachouts: whether she’s writing a letter to the queen or trying to sort out her phone bill, Janice knows people want to protect their time. 
Janice Lintz is a hearing loss consultant and accessibility advocate, so when she wants to speak with someone, it’s pretty damn important. But she recognises that if she’s going to ask for someone else’s time, she needs to demonstrate that it’s worth her time, too. 
Enter the rule of fours. When the late, legendary activist Vernon Jordan finally answered Janice’s phone call on the fourth attempt, he told her he only answered because she called so many times!
Janice shares why this rule of four is so powerful, and explains how to apply the methodology to other parts of your work. 
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You can find the full interview here: Janice Lintz teaches you how to be heard by people who don’t want to listen
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