My Favourite Tip: Chris Oliver-Taylor - Why you need to smarten up

The modern office dress code is a pretty nebulous thing nowadays. Most industries have been slowly moving away from strict “business attire” for decades now. The full suit and tie gave way to the business shirt, before modern tech entrepreneurs popularised the image of a t-shirt and jeans as the uniform of the workaholic disruptor. 
And that’s all before we started working from our couches! 
But Chris Oliver-Taylor, the Director of Production for Netflix Australia & New Zealand, doesn’t want to hang his suit up for good just yet. When he first left the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, he bounded into an interview for a new position, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. 
When he accepted the job, his new mentor told him that his first port of call was to go out and get a suit. He’s never been entirely sure if she just wanted him to dress a bit sharper, but he found deeper meaning in that advice nonetheless: smarten up. Demonstrate that you know the importance of your role, and remember that you’re always on show. 
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You can find the full interview here: The art of the pitch with media executive Chris Oliver-Taylor
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