Your Favourite Tip: Justin Coulson - speed up your family’s mornings and make time for connection

Building your own productivity practice can feel like a mammoth effort - so if you’re also trying to do it for your whole family, you need all the help you can get! 
Thankfully for How I Work listener Tracey, parenting expert Dr. Justin Coulson has just the trick, and it’s broken up into four rules to follow every single day. =
Whether you’re working on making sure you and your little ones are getting the right nutrition in before the day kicks off, or you’re just trying to get everyone out of bed on time, Justin’s “Making Mornings Magic” framework will help the whole family get out the door on time, well-fed, and ready to attack the day. 
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Check out Justin’s New York Times article about his Making Mornings Magic process
You can find the full interview here: Making mornings magic with parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson
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