Your Favourite Tip: Katy Milkman - You don’t need to go it alone to say “no”

In the final installment of this listeners’ choice series, we go back to one of the toughest challenges facing knowledge workers today: saying no. In the internet era, there’s an infinite number of opportunities, information, activities and events we could get involved with, which is great… But there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and when you say “yes” to anything, you’re also saying “no” to something else. 
So how do you decide what to say “no” to, and just as crucially, how do you say “no” when it’s really hard? Whether you’re a people-pleaser or you just want to do a bit of everything, turning down an opportunity - even when you know you should - can be really tough. 
How I Work listener Bianca was struggling with exactly this problem until she listened to bestselling author, psychologist and Wharton professor Katy Milkman describe her approach to saying no. 
Katy doesn’t do it alone - she’s gathered a group of trusted peers who know what she wants from her life and her career, and they’re always on hand to offer Katy advice when she’s not sure if she should say yes or no.
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