Your Favourite Tip: Dan Pink - Plan your day according to your chronotype

If you’re into productivity, you’ve probably tried to become a “morning person”. Maybe you’ve tried it a couple of times. You set your alarm for 5am and go to sleep dreaming of pre-dawn yoga sessions and meditation, followed by some journaling and a bit of deep work before the office even opens. 
And maybe it worked! But maybe it didn’t - no matter how many times you tried. If you’ve tried waking up early over and over again, and felt like a zombie over and over again, you might actually be a square peg, trying to squeeze through a circular hole.
Whether you’re struggling to wake up all morning, or failing to power through a mid-afternoon stretch of mentally demanding work, the problem might be the same: you might be working against your chronotype. 
How I Work listener Kristy certainly was, until she listened to Dan Pink’s advice about learning your unique circadian rhythm, and tailoring your schedule accordingly. 
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You can find the full interview here: Dan Pink on coming up with great titles for projects, how he structures his working days, and why he doesn’t believe in willpower
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