EP. 9 - Gratitude is the Attitude -- w/ Mac Ayers and Teddy Swims

It was a privilege to have some of our favorite pals, and musical anomalies—Teddy Swims and Mac Ayers back in the studio. Hang with the boys as they dive in deep and relate a lot of their own personal experiences to each other’s. They talk about the experience of becoming “known.” What that’s done for their psyche and the way they operate nowadays. How they've adopted more anxiety and fear as soon as they got everything they thought they needed. And how they maintain their integrity in an industry that wants to commercialize everything. And most importantly, how gratitude is the attitude. Always.

Then Allen gets on his “have kids” campaign and they talk about being younger and the important relationships they fostered and how they would want to work to ensure their kids had the same experience. They talk about love and loss and family and how they have fun, and it's overall an episode about keeping that levity in tact. None of us are ultimately that important, so let's all just enjoy the ride and keep attempting to do what makes us happy.

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