EP. 6 - Nature Vs. Nurture

Allens family stuck together since the beginning. Julian’s did not. But despite growing up in very different conditions, they discuss how their connection to each other is undeniable. The boys take a journey through the philosophy of “nature vs. nurture.” They talk about how fear has played a giant part in their desire to be liked and loved. How they resist some of the simplest opportunities to grow, because they are enslaved to what they’ve been conditioned to prioritize. 

Allen breaks down the epiphany he had on an airplane—"flying through the sky on a big tin bird and walking through the miracle of balance and nature, yet continuing to be glued to our devices." Admitting to not knowing what we’re doing and recognizing that our instincts aren’t always right. Dogs, and the different experiences Allen and Julian had at the middle school dances. 

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