EP. 5 - Drugs, Yachts and Lotto Tickets!

Sit down with the boys as they bring you their favorite news of the week! A homeless, heroine addicted, mother of three got her life back together and graduated from the University of Washington recently. Her story brings up an interesting conversation about addiction and privilege. Allen talks about being a late bloomer when it comes to drug use and Julian talks about his premature introduction into it. Julian talks about sinking his family boat growing up and Allen talks about how he would never be able to own one for himself. But they both agree that having a friend with one would be ideal. Anyone? They also talk about wealth and what they would do with it if they ever made a LOT of it. It's an interesting conversation packed with lots of laughs and fun stories that will surely make you smile. We hope you're having a great day. Luh you!

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