EP. 10 - Singing For Your Supper.

you ever really knAllen drops the news that him and his wife are having their second child. He also thinks it's a ridiculous thing to publicize on a public platform. What he wants to give out to the internet and his fans alike, is what he does for a living. These things are just very personal and he doesn't want to use that kind of stuff as a leveraging chip for popularity or attention. With that being said, we'll be welcoming a new little Stone to the family this summer!

The boys then dive into their relationship with discipline. Allen talks about his lack of it and Julian talks about his extremist approach to it. At the end of the day, their work speaks for itself and it also speaks volumes to their disciplinary mindsets, but it's a fascinating thing to try and measure.

Allen also talks about his role on the new NBC show, "American Song Contest, airing on Monday's at 8/7c. All he can say, is that he hopes he gets to blaze with Snoop!

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