Melissa Yi - The Shapes of Wrath

“Sizzling! I read the whole thing in one day, heart pounding, totally gripped by the action. Super fantastic book. I actually had to shush my kids when they tried to talk to me in the middle of it.” Dr. Eileen Sacks, General Surgeon

The hand that wields the scalpel

Dr. Hope Sze launches into her general surgery rotation with Dr. Vrac, the scourge of operating room #3, also known as the death OR.

Dr. Vrac screams at the resident doctors suffering under him, the nurses who don't move fast enough, the anesthesiologist, his auto mechanic, and even a garbage can.

Patients begin to die under Dr. Vrac’s scalpel.

This morning, Hope discovers a dead man in the back of the OR.

Next, a ghost lingers outside of Montreal's St. Joseph's Hospital.

a) WTF and b) can Hope outwit the enraged killer before someone slices her throat?

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