Joe Goldberg - Rebellious Son


Caught between an infamous bomb maker and a dying CIA spy, Bridger and the Spy Devils fight for their survival while preventing a radioactive disaster.

After bombs explode across Europe, the evidence proves Specter—the infamous and legendary bomb maker—has come out of retirement. The CIA’s former terrorist-hunter Wes Henslow pleads with Bridger to help find the only terrorist he never caught. Bridger agrees, but May, his mother and CIA handler, orders Bridger not to assist their friend. Why?

Suspicious as always of May and wanting to help his mentor, Bridger ignores her. A ruthless game of cat and mouse begins that leads Bridger to Specter’s stunning niece Lena. Bridger’s urgency increases as he discovers Specter has access to radioactive materials. Unfortunately, Bridger doesn’t know that the Spy Devils are also being hunted by a deadly adversary seeking vengeance.

Battling a Chinese drug cartel, old hatreds, and the CIA, Bridger’s every decision will determine who lives or dies.

REBELLIOUS SON is the second novel in the award-winning THE SPY DEVILS series.

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