James H. Longmore - I am Joe's Unwanted Penis

A darkly comedic tribute to the much-loved Reader’s Digest series ‘I am Joe’s…(insert body part here)’ and a bizarre parody of the Bruce Jenner story, I Am Joe’s Unwanted Penis is told from the point of view of a penis thoughtlessly discarded as a man is surgically transformed into a woman. Upon learning of his high-profile previous owner’s regret at having made the transformation, the penis embarks upon a perilous journey for them to be reunited - aided and abetted by a motley, wonderfully personable, and engaging selection of other discarded body parts. In parts grotesque, laugh-out-loud funny, and undeniably poignant, in others, I Am Joe’s Unwanted Penis is a buddy story absolutely like no other!

I have three novels out in 2016; the skin-crawling, creature horror; ‘‘Pede’ (published by Black Bed Sheet Books), ‘The Erotic Odyssey of Colton Forshay’ (a bizarro style fantasy, Fat Lip Press June 21, 2016), ‘And Then You Die’ – a particularly grotesque horror/bizarro story (published by J Ellington Ashton - TBA), and in 2017, ‘Flanagan’ - a psychosexual horror (Sinister Grin Press).

In addition, there are the short stories; (‘Winning & Losing’) published in The Ripple Effect (Horrified Press), ‘Road Trip Bingo’ (Black Bed Sheet Books’ anthology 'Bumps in the Road’), ‘The Five Towns Pageant’ (J Ellington Ashton ‘Full Moon Slaughter’, Halloween 2016), ‘Zombie Hooker: A Love Story (Fat Lip Press ‘Carnival of Gore’ anthology 2016) and ‘Trophy Wife’ (The Creeps magazine, date TBA).

I write screenplays and currently have three under option (a spine-chilling horror, a Tarantino-esque crime caper and an animated family movie). In 2014 I was commissioned by Spectra Records to write a biopic feature on the early life of Bob Marley and was a writer for hire on the Kenyan sitcom ‘The Samaritans.

As if that weren’t enough, I have written and directed a bunch of short movies, winning Best Director in the 2013 Splatterfest film competition and Remi awards at Houston’s Worldfest Film Festival in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

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