Gavin Stone - The Unforgiven Spy

Former British Intelligence contractor Jensen is a first time dad and about to start a fresh life in the civilian world. His best friend Marshall is also a freelance U.S. intelligence contractor and has shared many assignments with him over the years. Just when both men think they’re about to embark on a peaceful future, their past comes back to haunt them. Marshall’s ex-girlfriend is killed by the head of an organised crime syndicate that both Marshall and Jensen have clashed with before. Shortly after, Jensen’s American wife and daughter are kidnapped from their home in England. Relying on their skills, Jensen and Marshall do what they’ve been trained for and set out to rescue Jensen’s family.

After a wild shootout exchange in London, Jensen and Marshall want to end this personal war once and for all. They enlist their colleague Darius to undertake an unsanctioned mission to take down their enemy at his base of operations in Syria. Things go from bad to worse as they embark on a chaotic hunt across England and Europe, while trying to stay off the grid. And matters further escalate when the CIA gets involved and has an alternative agenda.

Even if Jensen and his friends make it to Syria, they’ll be outgunned, outnumbered and out of their depth.

This gritty action packed thriller will have you gripped as you journey every step of the way with the three operatives. The question is not only will they succeed, but also will they make it home?

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