Fred Litwin - Oliver Stone's Flim-Flam

In his timely and powerful new book, Oliver Stone’s Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza, author Fred Litwin debunks the major allegations in JFK: Destiny Betrayed -- Oliver Stone’s 2021 documentary series on the JFK assassination.

Litwin’s book examines:

  • The formation of the Warren Commission.
  • The relationship between JFK and the CIA.
  • Why Jack Ruby killed Oswald.
  • How the medical evidence supports a lone gunman.
  • The role of imperfect memory in witness testimony.
  • A refutation of a possible alibi for Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • The chain of custody of CE 399 - the bullet found at Parkland Hospital.
  • The insidious claim that JFK’s physician, Dr. George Burkley, participated in a cover-up.
  • Spurious allegations about General Curtis LeMay.
  • Supposed plots against JFK in Chicago and Tampa.
  • The homophobic persecution of Clay Shaw by Jim Garrison.

Oliver Stone’s Film-Flam is extensively sourced and contains over 600 links to the internet (in the Kindle version), as well as excerpts from many JFK assassination documents.

Litwin’s book will interest historians and film critics, fans of President Kennedy, and anyone interested in the debunking of conspiracy theories. It will certainly become a necessary addition to any JFK library.

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