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The Psychic Arts Center was founded by Eric Max, which is the psychic moniker of Eric Shapiro, an accomplished journalist, screenwriter, and filmmaker who was moved to “uncloset” his psychic abilities after winning a major journalism award in 2021. Having been validated in his ability to communicate through journalism – which is to say, to communicate using facts, logic, and reason – Eric felt confident in communicating more openly via a psychic language, which he does within this website by way of essays and personal stories. Eric also offers personal readings to private clients, during which he accesses his spirit guides and answers questions regarding Health, Finances, Relationships, Career, Interpersonal Challenges, Negative Patterns, and many other topics. Eric is also able to conduct Mediumship Readings wherein his guides interact with people who have died.

Eric welcomes all inquiries regarding his practice, including ones marked by skepticism. He, like the rest of us, is on a journey of discovery, and finds his psychic abilities sharpening, deepening, and growing richer as the course of his life unfolds. He is also interested in hearing from, interacting with, and featuring interviews with fellow psychics on this website, in the interest of building community and broadening our shared human understanding of the topic.  

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