Claudia Christian & Chris McAuley - Dark Legacies

Dark Legacies is a Science Fiction universe created by Chris McAuley and Babylon 5 legend Claudia Christian. It is set after Earth emerges from a brutal totalitarian regime and looks towards the stars with a renewed sense of hope. However, the dark legacies of the past remain and threaten to drag humanity back to darker times.

Through a series of novel, comics, games and audio dramas we will explore the struggles of Major Jessica Steele. A special ops commander who has a tortured past. She must uncover the conspiracies which could destroy the heart of the new government as well as reconcile her own demons.

"Although we look towards the future with hope in our series, part of the dramatic tension comes from the legacies of the past – elements attempting to destabilize the newly elected democratic global government. We also explore the legacies which Jessica Steele (Claudia’s character) must contend with as she attempts to investigate the approaching danger. Jessica has a painful past but she doesn’t wallow in it or let melancholy overwhelm her. She dedicates herself to ensuring that humanity doesn’t step backwards into totalitarianism again." - Claudia Christian

RELEASE DATE - New retail version out June '23 - this is a pre-order and will be shipped on release.

The Expanse Meets Bladerunner in this hard hitting Sci Fi action series from Babylon-5 actor Claudia Christian and a host of top creators.

The story entitled "Prey" takes place within a pivotal point in the Dark Legacies timeline as Earth is emerging from a dystopian past, moving from a brutal governmental regime to democracy. 

Our main protagonist, Commander Jessica Steele, finds herself caught in a web of intrigue as the legacies of the totalitarian past surround her. 

Dark secrets are uncovered and all hell is let loose in this all action blockbuster.

US Format 32 pages, Full Colour

Writers/ Co Creators: Claudia Christian & Chris McAuley

Artist: Staz Johnson

Cover Art: Ben Oliver

Colour Art: Matt Soffe

Letters: Robin Jones

Design: Andy Bloor

Editor: Shane Chebsey


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