Aaron LeBold - Genocide

A gripping novel, GENOCIDE turns victim to villain as the character goes from a kidnapped youth to a vengeful teenager. Cheer him on or hope for his capture. Either way, his story is sure to get your heart racing. Born into a dysfunctional family, his mother does her best to shelter him from his father’s addiction and his uncle’s ties to a violent street gang. This can only last so long, and once his father is desperate enough for money, he will do anything to get it, including selling his own son into prostitution. After his mother’s tragic death, he feels he has no choice but to live in one of the gang’s safe houses and continue to “pay the rent” by trading his body for money. But once he turns eighteen, the gang no longer wants him. Now free from their clutches, there’s only one thing on his mind: revenge.

"This is what happens when Jack Kerouac has a baby with a Saw Movie!" --Jennifer Anne Gordon, author of PRETTY/UGLY and BEAUTIFUL, FRIGHTENING, AND SILENT.

*Warning: This work deals heavily with the subject of abuse

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