Ep. 77 Jamie & Doug Answer Your Questions on Sex, Family Plans, and Everything in Between! Part 2

You guys had so many awesome questions and we didn’t get to nearly all of them last week so we are back again this week to answer more!! We’re wide open books over here!
 Show Notes:
04:05 - Q1 - Will you be doing a homebirth for your future pregnancies?
09:44 - Q2 - What’s going on with your sex life?  
13:52 - Q3 - Jamie, what is your last name? Is it Otis or Hehner?
16:21 - Q4 - Do you stay in touch with your MAFS fam? 
16:50 - Q5 - Is Hendrix tongue tied?
18:09 - Q6 - Jamie, why do you call Henley, Gracie? 
20:13 - Q7 - Are you letting your family hold or touch the kids yet?
22:44 - Q8 - Update on Jamie’s biopsy?
23:10 - Q9 - How is Henley’s potty training going?
25:26 - Q10 & Q11 - Jamie, when did you realize that the experts were correct and you were in love with Doug? 
28:50 - Q12 - Why did you change Hendrix’s name from Hayes to Hendrix? 
32:43 - Next week we have two ladies from the Instagram account, Big Little Feelings! They are literally Jamie’s toddler Bible!!! They will be sharing different parenting tips, especially navigating toddler life!
Wash your hands and wear your masks!
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