Ep. 68 Bachelor's Bekah Martinez Choosing Unmedicated Birth and Chatting with Our Midwife

Today we are super excited to welcome to our show the beautiful SUPER-Mom and Boss Babe, Bekah Martinez! 
Bekah Martinez was on the Bachelor and after she was on the Bachelor, she started dating Gray and got pregnant within a couple months (their first couple dates!).  We are excited to talk to her about her birthing center birth story as well as her future plans for a home-birth with her current pregnancy!
Before Bekah comes on, we share with you guys the initial phone call Doug and Jamie had with a home-birth midwife - who they have since hired! 
DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult cdc.gov.
Show Notes:
0:27 - Jamie shares that she was having contractions! Thankfully they stopped!
1:15 - Doug shares that their midwife will not deliver before 37 weeks. Jamie thinks baby boy will be early.
7:45 - Doug and Jamie have a big announcement! They are going to star on Couple’s Cam! This is a new show on Lifetime catching up with all the couples who are still together from Married at First Sight! They also share that they are going to be filming the birth of their baby boy!
8:10 - Doug and Jamie share that Jessica from this season’s MAFS is a nurse and has been moved to the COVID Unit! She’s working quite a bit and Jamie and Doug give another shoutout to all the amazing frontline workers!
8:25 - Doug and Jamie give a recap on the MAFS finale! 2 couples stayed together - Derek and Katie and Austin and Jessica.
11:23 - 32:48 - Phone Call With Midwife (she gave us permission to share the call ;))
34:44 - Jamie wants to know if listeners think that taking placenta capsules helps with the baby blues?
37:11 - Welcome to the show, Bekah!
38:24 - Jamie asks Bekah if she feels like she fell in love with Arie on the Bachelor.
42:39 - Bekah shares how she met Gray while the Bachelor was airing, and 3 months into their relationship she got pregnant.
45:15 - Doug commends Bekah and Gray for doing couple’s counseling.
46:35 - Bekah shares that she had a gut instinct that Gray would be a great father even though they hardly knew each other - and her gut was right!
49:35 - Doug shares that he and Jamie were at a rough point in their relationship while pregnant with Henley, but that having Henley brought them closer together.
51:00 - Jamie asks Bekah what made her want to have a birthing center birth and how the experience was for her. Bekah shares that she had been interested in pregnancy and birth before getting pregnant and had already sought out more natural options and wanted to be in an environment where her knowledge about her own body was trusted.
54:30 - Bekah shares how Gray reacted when she told him that she was pregnant. His first reaction was that he had a really big smile on his face! But then wanted to have a conversation about how it would all work out. 
55:14 - Bekah shares that she felt like a birth center would be a good middle ground option between a home-birth and a hospital birth. She found her birth center by looking on Yelp!
59:22 - Bekah shares her plans for a home birth this time around.
61:18 - Doug asks Bekah if she did an unmedicated birth at the birth center. She didn’t have any options for traditional pain management. She shares that the #1 reason for transfer to a hospital during birth center births tends to be maternal exhaustion. 
62:40 - Bekah recommends the book Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth.  
63:26 - Bekah shares that she looked at birth with the idea of the pain of childbirth being the pain of progress. It’s your body doing what it is supposed to be doing. She talks about how she would call the contractions moments, since things go back to normal in between contractions.
66:24 - Bekah shares that it is important to know what you want and how you want things to go, but le...
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