Ep. 123 Jamie's Suicidal Thoughts & How To Heal Your Inner Child Part 2

We've got Lavinia Brown back for part 2 this week! We are chatting more about healing the inner child and some practical ways to reparent our inner child that sometimes tries to take over. In the outro, Jamie shares her thoughts and opinions about the interview.

Before we share the rest of the interview, Jamie shares her difficult and ongoing struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide. She talks about how it is important to try to help others because sometimes we all need a smile. (02:16)

13:14 - Can you share some practical ways that we can reparent our inner child?
17:35 - When you say that everything changes, what do you mean by that? What happens physically, emotionally, and mentally to the person once they are able to finally nurture their inner child?
21:14 - How do we make sure we nurture our children while they are living their inner child?
23:21 - Jamie & Lavinia discuss how racism is passed from generation to generation.
24:16 - Jamie shares that her mom got pregnant with her unexpectedly and apparently her grandpa said he thought Jamie might be black and to abort her because her mom didn't know who her father was and her grandfather didn't want to have a black kid in the family.
24:37 - Jamie shares that she thinks it's possible that some of her family may have been racist.

Next week on the podcast we have Jamie's former Bachelor producer, Katy Chen Mazzara who is also a financial freedom coach and GURU to share about her and Jamie's time working together on the Bachelor as well as give practical financial tips! Don't miss it! 🙂

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