Ep. 89 Money, Sex, Gender Role, Occupation - Your Biggest Assumptions & Our Honest Answers

We figured we would switch things up this week and get some feedback from you guys. We asked what are some assumptions you guys have of us, and let me tell ya, we got some good ones! 
Show Notes:
04:52 - 1st assumption - Does Jamie do anything for Doug? He is so caring.
07:54 - 2nd assumption - You’re super in love and laugh all the time.
08:24 - 3rd assumption - I assume people recognize you immediately wherever you go.
12:11 - 4th assumption - Always assumed you guys are rich.
17:56 - 5th assumption - We will be working on baby #3 soon. Another assumption - I assume that now that you have 2 kids you may not have the 4 or 6.
24:40 - 6th assumption - You get packages all the time - too much mail.
27:30 - 7th assumption - I feel like you kind of forgot about Gracie after the baby was born.
29:07 - 8th assumption - That Doug does not cook.
31:55 - 9th assumption - Jamie is the boss in the relationship.
33:24 - 10th assumption - I’m worried you are getting more like friends.
37:53 - 11th assumption - Has Jamie quit nursing?
39:58 - 12th assumption - They have lots of laundry.
40:02 - 13th assumption - That Jamie, not Doug, wears the pants in the relationship.
40:30 - 14th assumption - That Doug and Jamie rarely spend time alone because of the kids.
43:53 - Next week is an awesome interview with the Speech Sisters - you guys are gonna love it! 
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