Ep. 80 Real Talk with Rock Star Birthing Doula and Former Bachelor Contestant, Liz Sandoz!

We are SO lucky to have the amazingly beautiful Liz Sandoz with us on the podcast today! She’s a birth doula, she’s a podcaster of Miraculous Mamas, a wife, and a former Bachelor contestant. Liz’s podcast is all about empowering women through education and storytelling. She aims to bring light to the trying to conceive community and different pregnancy journeys in general and she also is pregnant herself and due in just a few weeks!
Welcome, Liz! Before we bring Liz on, Doug and Jamie have some fun playing this or that and learning new things! 😜
Show Notes:
 3:34 - Doug and Jamie talk about their interest in the Howard Stern Show.
6:55 - Jamie shares that she is trying to add fun into her life because she has ranked for PPD.
10:48 - Doug and Jamie play a game of this or that!
22:52 - Welcome to Hot Marriage. Cool Parents, Liz!
23:04 - Jamie asks: What happened to her 1st podcast, Babes and Babies?
23:38 - Jamie asks: What was it like to be on the Bachelor?
26:25 - Doug asks: Did the Bachelor experience make Liz think about her future husband more? Did it help with getting more in the mindset of stability?
28:51 - Doug asks: What was her birth plan before the pandemic? Has it changed? And what is she doing now?
32:24 - Jamie asks: Can you explain what the difference is between a midwife and a doula and why doulas are so important?
39:37 - Doug asks: What is the spouse’s role during labor?
42:07 - Jamie asks: How have you been in limiting anxiety during your pregnancy? What are some things you have done?
44:31 - Jamie asks: What do you have planned for yourself in the last couple months before your baby comes?
46:54 - Next week on the podcast, the Earl Family! They are YouTubers with a very inspirational story! Stay tuned!
Please stay well, everyone! 😘
Liz’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/esandoz/
Miraculous Mama’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miraculousmamas/
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