Ep. 83 Dibs Baer DISHES With Us About Celebs and MAFS!

SO excited to have Dibs Baer on the podcast with us today! She's one of our favorite people in the whole wide world! She's an L.A. based entertainment writer and author/co-author of many great books, including Wifey 101 - Jamie's book! One of our favorites that she wrote is Lady Tigers in the Concrete Jungle! Check it out! Dibs had a 15 year stretch in NYC and was the executive editor of In Touch Weekly and worked on staff at Cosmo Girl, Lifetime and Ladies Home Journal - you won't even believe the people that she interviewed!!!

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Show Notes:
06:01 - Welcome, Dibs!
06:20 - Doug asks Dibs out of all the people she has interviewed, who did she like the LEAST?
07:47 - Dibs shares that one of her favorite interviews was with Mariah Carey.
08:17 - Doug asks Dibs where she developed the passion for writing?
09:28 - Jamie asks Dibs what she thinks about Ellen because people really don't like her right now!
14:26 - Jamie asks Dibs what she thinks about Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper?!
17:25 - Dibs shares a story about interviewing Katie Holmes.
18:57 - Jamie asks Dibs what are some things that she has overheard about celebs while being with them in their homes?
20:00 - Dibs and Doug and Jamie talk about what is going on with Britney Spears.
23:45 - Doug asks Dibs how she walked the fine line between being friendly and choosing the right words to put out in the tabloids?
25:00 - Jamie asks are the tabloids factual?
26:00 Doug asks Dibs if she ever ran into any circumstances where celebrities were trying to get their names back into the tabloids?
37:22 - Dibs, who are your favorite couples this season? What do you think is going to happen with the adoption vs biological kids situation because Amelia definitely wants children?
42:46 - What are your thoughts on Henry and Christina?
46:55 - Jamie asks what Dibs thinks of the fact that Woody has admitted that he has cheated before?
51:11 - What do you think about Miles and Karen?

Until next week, wear your masks, wash your hands, and stay tuned! We love you guys lots!
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