Ep 18: Jade & Tanner from Bachelor in Paradise Share about Their Miscarriage & Give Advice to Others Suffering 💜

We are so thankful to have Jade and Tanner from Bachelor in Paradise on the show today. They have just recently shared on their YouTube channel about the miscarriage they had while they were on Bachelor in Paradise. They are so raw and real, and SO genuine. You guys are going to love them and we truly hope that they are able to encourage all of the mommy's and daddy's out there who are struggling and feeling so very alone. PLEASE reach out to us if you are feeling alone..no one should have to suffer in silence 😢

This is definitely an episode you don't want to miss!

[00:30] - Jamie welcomes everyone to the show! Henley is teething, so she woke up and Doug is putting Henley back to bed, so Jamie chats with listeners. With it being infertility awareness week, we will later chat with Jade and Tanner about the miscarriage they suffered a few years ago, and suffered alone until very recently.

[01:30] - If you have suffered from a miscarriage, our hearts go out to you and we hope this episode is an encouragement.

[02:15] - Jamie shares appreciation for people sending messages and answers a fran's question regarding a current hot topic in the news: Senator Maureen Walsh made the statement, "[Nurses] probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day."  

[03:20] - Jamie shares excerpts from a blog post she came across talking about the different type of "cards" that nurses play and how the author, Kristina Smith, is thankful that they are card sharks! She is also the author of What I Wasn't Expecting When I Was Expecting, A Grieving Widow's Memoir.

[05:44] - Jamie shares that nurses are the hardest working people she has ever met.

[06:55] - Jamie reads a few different reviews that listeners have given and gives a quick explanation of why ads are needed to keep the podcast up!

[10:10] - Jamie encourages listeners to stop and leave a review or screenshot while they are listening to the episode - we want to hear from you! 

[11:23] - Welcome Jade and Tanner to the show! Jade shares a little background of how she and Tanner met, and they share that they were married 7 months after they met! 

[13:35] - Jade and Tanner share about their miscarriage while filming Bachelor in Paradise and how they suffered alone for so long. Jade and Tanner give advice to listeners about what to do when you are struggling with the grief of miscarriage.

[26:25] - Tanner talks about his season on The Bachelorette.

[27:02] - Tanner tells Jamie that he remembers about hearing that Jamie had the most awkward moment on The Bachelor.

[27:30] - Jade talks about her season on the Bachelor.

[29:00] - Jamie shares that she thinks Jade and Tanner laid the groundwork for how Bachelor in Paradise should be because they are the first successful couple on Bachelor in Paradise.

[30:00] - Jade and Tanner talk about the differences between The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise.

[32:26] - Jade tells listeners that they had their first kiss the first night of Bachelor in Paradise.

[35:19] - Jade talks about moving to Kansas City to be with Tanner.

[35:48] - Jamie and Doug talk to Jade and Tanner about their new little baby boy who is due in August and they throw around some fun names!

[41:13] - Jamie asks Jade & Tanner a fran's question, "Why did you move to LA?"

[44:10] - Jamie asks Jade if when she was on the Bachelor, if she ever felt like Chris could be the one?

[46:00] - A fran asks the question to Jade and Tanner, "Would you let your daughter go on the Bachelor?"

[47:55] - Doug and Jamie thank Jade and Tanner for all of their sweet advice for those suffering from a loss.

[49:39] - Jamie talks about the need for having an episode sharing the guy's perspective of a loss.

[52:35] - Doug says thank you to all of the listeners who follow him and Jamie on social media. Doug... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy