Ep. 129 MAFS Drama in the Hehner Family Unveiled and Remembering Our Angel Baby Boy, Johnathan, in Heaven

So Jamie is out in LA (by the time this airs she will *hopefully* be home!) so Doug is going solo for this ep, but if you are a MAFS fan in the least, this is the episode for you! Doug brings his brother Matt on the podcast to chat allllll about how they felt when Doug first told them he was going on the show, their first impressions of Jamie, and SO much more!!!! This is a super insightful episode into some parts of Doug and Jamie's life that haven't been shared much if at all!
Also, Doug spends time remembering their sweet firstborn angel baby, Johnathan Edward, as well as shares updates from moving back to New Jersey and how school is going for Henley and Hendrix. He also chats about how learning love languages has greatly helped his and Jamie's intimacy struggles.
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