Ep. 70 Married at First Sight s10 STAR Derek Sherman Brings the Fire! Real Talk on Staying Married, Getting a Divorce & Everything in Between

We are so excited to welcome a GUY onto our podcast! It’s been a while! Welcome, Derek to Hot Marriage, Cool Parents! Derek was a cast member of Season 10 of MAFS. He’s a fan favorite, an avid dreamer, hopeless romantic, an all around awesome guy! He shares his experience on MAFS and what he is up to now!
Oh, and he’s America’s most ELIGIBLE bachelor!
Before Derek comes on, Doug tells everyone about their last minute plans for their home birth and his excitement! Doug shares their progress on finding a baby name and wait for it…..they are so excited for baby….HAYES! 
Show Notes:
04:15 - Doug shares that this episode is a two-part episode with Derek - the second part will be all of our fran’s questions!
04:58 - Doug shares the baby name they have chosen - Hayes Douglas!
06:00 - Doug shares a special connection they learned between the name Hendrix (his top choice for baby boy names) and their angel baby’s name Johnathan. 
06:42 - Doug shares the funny story behind naming Henley - Jamie had no idea what Doug’s last name was the morning after they got married! 
09:00 - Doug shares that over the weekend they had another visit with the midwife and she brought the tub over - they got to hear Hayes’s heartbeat too!
17:36 - Jamie asks Derek what made him want to sign up for MAFS?
18:48 - Derek shares how he broke the news that he was going to marry a stranger to his family!
20:51 - Jamie asks Derek what his thoughts were when he saw Katie on their wedding day.
21:49 - Doug asks Derek if he felt like experts followed what he was wanting in a spouse?
23:05 - Jamie tells Derek that to viewers they seemed happy on the honeymoon - she asks Derek to walk listeners through what happened off camera?
26:26 - Derek talks about a time during the honeymoon when Katie asked him to join her in the shower.
26:50 - Doug asks if they consummated the marriage on the wedding night?
28:03 - Jamie asks Derek to share what he thinks went wrong after the honeymoon?
29:59 - Jamie asks Derek what it felt like to have Katie not appreciate his dreams.
34:54 - Doug asks Derek if he still has a relationship with Katie’s father?
36:23 - Jamie asks Derek if he ever felt like he could have fallen in love with Katie at some point?
37:43 - Derek shares what kept him holding on all the way to the end - that things would change.
40:00 - Derek shares what all happened during the reunion and previous conversations he had with Katie; especially one where they agreed he would not share about her affair. 
42:52 - Derek shares that he finds out that she was having an affair not long after their honeymoon!
44:02 - Doug asks Derek why they stayed together on decision day? They wanted to try it without the cameras.
46:12 - Jamie asks Derek if Zach and Katie got drinks before or after he and Katie split up?
47:00 - Doug asks Derek what it was like being witness to some of Brandon’s lashouts?
48:30 - Derek shares what he is up to right now and he IS single, ladies! He also shares some of his bucketlist with us!
52:50 - Doug gives props to Derek for giving their relationship every possible chance that he could!
54:05 - Next week tune in for Derek’s Q&A Session!
Stay safe, wash your hands, don’t cough, all that! :) Talk to you next week!
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