Ep. 75 How Teen Mom Yasmyn Switzer Became a BOSS BABE!

This week on the podcast we have 19 year old boss BABE and YouTube sensation, Yasmyn Switzer! She is a teen momma of 2 and SO inspiring! She comes on the show to talk to us about her story and how she has overcome SO MUCH in life!
But first, Doug and Jamie give an update on how parenting two is going, and they surprise FaceTime Doug’s brother, Matt and his wife, Carrie, to talk about food allergies!
Show Notes:
01:18 - Henley is in a sleep regression - hopefully it will go away soon! :\
02:35 - Jamie shares that Hendrix is such a good sleeper!
03:29 - Doug recommends watching Couples Cam - there are 9 couples that were married at first sight and Couples Cam follows them around! 
05:17 - Doug asks Jamie how she is feeling since struggling with the 4th trimester.
06:01 - Doug tells Jamie that her right breast is his favorite!
06:49 - Doug and Jamie share that they think it is possible that Hendrix has a tongue tie.
10:22 - Doug shares that his mom said that when introducing eggs, you should separate the egg white and the egg yolk - we gotta get this figured out! 
14:37 - Doug and Jamie surprise FaceTime his brother to ask him about separating the egg yolk and egg white! He shares that you also aren’t supposed to use butter when introducing foods either!
22:59 - Welcome to the podcast, Yasmyn!
23:22 - Yasmyn shares her background and how she ended up going through her pregnancy alone, aside from the support of her aunt.
24:29 - Jamie asks Yasmyn if she is helping to take care of her two younger sisters. Jamie shares that they have similar backstories with helping take care of siblings.
26:32 - Doug asks her how people took the news of being pregnant at such a young age.
27:38 - Doug asks if she considered adoption at all.
28:43 - Jamie asks Yasmyn to share about what happened with her first baby’s dad.
30:44 - Jamie asks Yasmyn what is one of the toughest things she has had to overcome, like what are some of the challenges of being a teen mom?
32:13 - Jamie commends Yasmyn for working so hard on her YouTube channel!
32:25 - Doug asks at what point she realized she might be able to make a career out of YouTube.
35:16 - Doug and Jamie ask Yasmyn if she has had any backlash over parenting choices.
36:13 - Doug asks Yasmyn if her second pregnancy was planned or not.
37:49 - Jamie asks Yasmyn what is her proudest accomplishment and what gives her the strong drive and work ethic?
39:33 - Doug asks if Yasmyn’s relationship with her mother has changed at all? Jamie shares how proud she is of Yasmyn for giving so much grace towards her mother.
42:16 - Yasmyn shares how she and Logan met.
45:07 - Yasmyn shares that she had an all-natural birth for both pregnancies!
45:45 - Jamie shares that she is Yasmyn’s biggest fan - she is SO proud of her!
46:24 - Yasmyn shares her goals for her future.
48:24 - Yasmyn shares how many kids she would like to have!
51:32 - Next week we have toddler experts Kristin and Deena from Big Little Feelings on Instagram to chat all things toddler tips!
Chat soon!
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Yasmyn Switzer’s Instagram: @yasmynswitzer
Yasmyn’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzMlRftLTe73OAGJdjnRP9Q
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