Ep 17: Our Big Secret’s Revealed! And Big Doug & Bonnie Hehner Talk In-Law Problems

So you guys asked for it, and it's finally happening! Today we have ..... drumroll! ... Big Doug & Bonnie Hehner (Doug's parents)! They are a riot and we just know you are going to love hearing from them! But before we have them on, we are SO excited to FINALLY be able to reveal a very exciting secret of something that happened in Curacao! 

[01:00] - Jamie expresses appreciation to all the frans who are taking screenshots and adding sweet reviews - we have the best fans ever!

[03:45] - Doug & Jamie ask you to stop and take a moment to leave a review and screenshot so that we can get to know you and know what you like and dislike about the podcast because we are here for you!

[04:34] - Check out Himalaya and get Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. Episodes a day early!

[05:00] - Jamie and Doug talk about their getaway anniversary trip to Curacao. 

[06:40] - Doug & Jamie chat about the incredible place where they stayed in Curacao, the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. The icing on the top? It's a private beach! 💃🏻

[07:45] - Doug & Jamie reveal their BIG secret! 

[09:15] - Jamie & Doug reveal that they should find out soon if she is pregnant!

[13:24] - Doug & Jamie give intro for their special guests on the podcast, Gaga & Pop-Pop Hehner!

[13:55] - Jamie says she loves her in-laws more than life itself and that they would do anything for them.

[14:09] - Jamie gives update on the search for her father.

[14:54] - Doug & Jamie talk about their YouTube page for Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. Jamie also talks about her book and how it was released at a very difficult time in her life, just one month after losing their baby, Johnathan.

[18:25] - It took 16 episodes to get Doug's parents on the podcast!

[18:37] - Doug, Jamie, Doug Sr. & Bonnie chat about Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman's recent college scandals.

[22:17] - Jamie asks if they think the ladies will end up in jail for their crimes.

[22:56] - One of our frans asks, "What's the best part about being grandparents?"

[23:22] - Bonnie says each of her kids are equal, but there is something a little bit special about each one. 

[25:47] - Another fran asks, "What did you really think when Doug told you he was marrying a stranger?"

[26:56] - Jamie is still called Olga, this is a mail order bride, in Big Doug's phone and he is still Yogi Doug Hehner in Jamie's phone.

[27:26] - Big Doug says, "When you have a kid, that's when you know what actual love really is and that doesn't go away." They talk about having that same kind of love for grandkids and missing them when they aren't around.

[28:06] - Doug shares his heart about worrying about Henley's safety.

[31:31] - Jamie asks a few common questions that frans requested: "How did they meet and what is their love story?" and "How did they feel when you got married and started a family?"

[32:58] - Doug actually went to the bar to see Bonnie's friend Sue, but then he saw Bonnie and asked, "Where'd all your fat go?" 😳 Big Doug says, "She stayed with me - she must've loved me because I was honest." 😆

[36:20] - Bonnie talks about how she and Doug left the bar together and she had had a little too much to drink and they were making out in the middle of the street.

[36:42] - 6 weeks later they were engaged, and 11 months later they were married. So Jamie says they can't judge them too hard for marrying complete strangers 😂

[39:30] - Doug talks about divorce and how it is a sad thing, but can at times be a positive thing because what's the point of staying in a marriage that is horrible. Big Doug talks about the struggles he had growing up with his parents divorce.

[42:40] - Last questions from frans, "Did you ever think of giving up on Jamie the 1st year?" and "How did they feel about Married at First Sight and meeting Jamie...

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