Ep 65. Covid-19 Facts vs Fiction with Infectious Disease Scientist Alex Willis

There is so much information out there re: the corona virus so Jamie and Doug went straight to the source and brought a guest on who is working behind the scenes with other scientists to help fight infectious diseases.

Before their guest comes on, Jamie and Doug chat about being back in NJ a week early because of Covid-19 and how Jamie feels more pregnant than ever. They talk about the measures they took to sanitize and hopefully avoid getting or spreading the virus while flying home from FL.

Later in the episode, they speak with an infectious disease scientist, Alex Willis, who is on the front line working with other scientists trying to find a vaccine/cure to Covid-19. Alex gives gives us the simple facts on the virus and debunks some myths that are floating around on the internet. This is an extremely informative interview, and offers some valuable advice for all of us to follow, in order to help stop the spread.

DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research and/or email Alex directly at alexandrarosewillis@gmail.com.

Bio on our guest:

This week we have Alex Willis, a young female scientist and infection researcher from the UK, on the podcast. She went to Imperial College in London, and studied new ways to treat bacterial infections (including other ‘good' bacteria!). She’s now in Canada and looking at some mysterious parasites under the microscope! She is passionate about making science available for everyone, so she is here today to answer all our questions about this new virus! 

Show Notes:

1:37 - This epidemic is really serious - it could become the most lifechanging event since WW2 according to some scientists

2:00 - This is the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu about 100 years ago which killed 50 million people

4:00 - What really is self-isolating? What is social-distancing?

6:08 - Jamie shares why she is terrified to take the flight home to NJ

6:40 - What are symptoms people should be looking for who think they might have COVID-19?

8:10 - How does COVID-19 affect a pregnant woman?

9:08 - We all need a careful balance between self-isolating and self-isolating calmly.

9:25 - Jamie challenges listeners to avoid WIC-approved items at stores, because those are what people who are less fortunate are able to get for free and need to support and take care of their families; especially with school being out and their children not getting their lunches at school

10:38 - Be self-LESS!

11:02 - COVID-19 lasts different amounts of time on all surfaces. 

Plastic - 3 days; Cardboard - 1 day; Steel - 2 days

11:27 - Avoid using public playgrounds

12:39 - Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds! This is the most important way to prevent the spread of the illness!

13:05 - Experts say that soap and water is MUCH better than hand sanitizer - hand sanitizer should be used for last resort situations. Anything that will clean your dishes will clean your hands.

14:50 - Alex shares her thoughts on why kids are not as affected by COVID-19.

15:27 - As an RN, Jamie HIGHLY suggests taking vitamins!

15:47 - Should people fly or drive to another state?

18:13 - Know what number to call BEFORE you get sick!

19:19 - Scientists are suggesting people to use TYLENOL and not Advil if you get a fever. (Check with your Healthcare Provider)

21:50 - Scientists have been working hard to get a vaccine out - first human patient has been given a vaccination! But it will be another 14 months until they know if it was successful.

22:35 - Nanny tested positive for the coronavirus! Oh no! She's barely symptomic...

24:12 - It can take 14 days for your symptoms to come on and you can be sick for up to 8...

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