Ep. 76 Jamie & Doug Answer Your Questions on Sex, Family Plans, and Everything in Between! Part 1

You guys have lots of questions for us and we are answering all the things! We are excited for you to get to know us more :) And Hendrix is podcasting with us this week!
AND! You guys had so many awesome questions that we didn’t get to them all, so there will definitely be a part 2 in the very near future!
Show Notes:
03:20 - Jamie shares that Hendrix is officially 1 month old! He weighs 12 lbs and 6.5 oz! Big Boy!
05:53 - Jamie talks about how Doug sleeps like a dead person! 
07:29 - Q1 - How did you deal with anxiety in early pregnancy?
10:24 - Q2 - Do you want more kids? If so, WHEN will you start trying? How old will Hendrix be when you start trying again?
12:01 - Q3 - Is there an update on the Florida house/moving down there?
13:21 - Q4 - How do you keep the romance alive and have things changed in that department going from 1 kid to 2?
14:54 - Q5 - Any tips for having a homebirth? Things you’d do differently or advice you have?
24:06 - Q6 - When will you start having sex again and what is is like having mismatched libidos? Any advice on having sex after having a kid?
27:09 - Q7 - How has Henley been now that she is a big sissy? Is she reacting well to the change?
30:22 - Q8 - Has a second baby strengthened your marriage?
32:12 - Q9 - Have you been to South Africa? What are other places you want to travel to?
34:08 - Q10 - How do you feel about MAFS now? Do you feel some people are just doing it for fame?
More to come!
Stay well, you guys!
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