Ep. 87 Married at First Sight Make Up Artist Chat!

Hot Marriage. Cool Parents is coming to you live from LA this week!! Last weekend, Jamie went to LA to shoot for Married at First Sight: Unfiltered and she finally got to catch up with the whole crew! We are really excited to share this conversation between Alisha, Jamie's WONDERFUL makeup artist & Jamie!
But first, Doug and chat about first impressions of the new MAFS couples meeting face to face, what life has been like at their new Florida home, not having sex for close to a year and so much more!
Henley even comes on and talks and sings to everyone!

Show Notes:
24:44 - Welcome, Alisha!
25:03 - Alisha and Jamie talk about Black Lives Matter and how Jamie didn't realize that racism is still prominent in our country! Alisha shares information about qualified immunity.
27:02 - Alisha and Jamie chat about how people who are on reality TV can become divas!
34:43 - Jamie and Alisha share how the conversations that you get to have with the girl doing your hair is like therapy!
35:47 - Alisha shares the story of her and her ex that she met online
46:34 - Alisha talks about the worst, best, and most annoying people that she has ever had in her chair!
50:03 - Alisha shares some basic makeup tips to make you look fresh and alive (facial prep oils, SUNSCREEN for EVERYONE, cc cream, mascara, and brow gel)
Rapid Fire Questions for Alisha about working with MAFS stars:
54:50 - Who is her favorite person to work on from all time MAFS?
55:18 - Who is the most difficult person to work with on MAFS?
55:50 - Who is the funniest person to work with on MAFS?
56:16 - Who is the sweetest person to work with on MAFS?
56:25 - Who is her favorite expert to work on?
56:51 - Who is the most annoying person to work with? Not necessarily in the makeup chair?
57:12 - Jamie introduces everyone to her producer, Jeff, who is behind the scenes who does it ALL! And it's time for Jamie to go on set, so until next week - stay tuned! 😊
58:46 - Next week on the podcast we have the very inspirational Mary Marantz joining us to share her story!
We say it every week, but please wash your hands and wear your masks! Love you!

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