Ep. 71 Married at First Sight S10 Bachelor Derek Sherman is BACK with a special Q&A Session; Things just got personal!

America’s most eligible and favorite bachelor is BACK! Derek Sherman is on again to answer ALL of your questions! A lot of you wanted to know if he is single and ready to mingle...listen to find out! :)
Before Derek comes on, Doug shares the *hopefully last* pregnancy update and raves about how absolutely incredible Jamie is as a mother, entrepreneur, wife, and so many things! He also shares how potty training Henley is going!
Show Notes:
00:36 - Doug shares they have 1 week (or less) left til baby Hayes will be here!
01:43 - Doug says that he doesn’t think anyone has a stronger work ethic than Jamie!
03:56 - Doug shares that he is extremely proud of his wife and her strength and positivity during this difficult time.
08:22 - Doug shares that everyone who reached out to them about their home and birthing center birth stories made a huge difference to them and helped them see the positive side!
09:36 - Henley has started potty-training! They’re trying the commando way - diaper on for naps and bedtime only! She’s doing so well! She loves doing her pee-pee dance!
11:49 - Doug and Jamie are going to be on Couple’s Cam and their homebirth will be videoed!
13:31 - Doug shares that the hardest part of this time is not being able to hug family! 
21:41 - Welcome back, Derek!
22:46 - What did Derek learn about himself through MAFS?
24:09 - How was he so patient?
25:08 - Boxers or briefs? 
25:37 - What is his ideal girl?
26:22 - Did you think that Katie was a B-I-T-C-H?
27:46 - What did Derek think of Katie getting jealous of his college date?
29:43 - Would Derek be interested in either Taylor or Mindy?
30:30 - What did Derek think about the cast of his season? 
32:14 - How does it make him feel knowing that he has so many people’s support and love through this?
33:47 - Did Derek think he was ready for marriage?
34:18 - What are the top 5 things on Derek’s bucket list?
35:04 - Did Katie cheating on Derek affect his view of marriage?
36:00 - Would he do MAFS again?
37:03 - Doug gives props to Derek for how he has handled everything and for not letting his situation get him down.
40:06 - Next week on the podcast...there might just be a baby Hayes! :) 
Stay clean, wash your hands, wash your face, wash your butt, and ya! Don’t get sick! 
Talk to you next week!
Derek’s Instagram: @drockingsherm
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