Ep. 86 - One of Our Super Frans Finds His Family Through DNA Test After Hearing Jamie’s Story!

Hot Marriage. Cool Parents is coming to you live from Florida for the next few months! Doug and Jamie are super excited to be in the sunny weather! It is going to be fun trying to get the house all set up!
We are really excited to share this interview with you today! We brought on some of our awesome frans, Tim & Kelli Dexter, to share a really inspiring story! 
For those of you who don’t know, after over 30 years of searching Jamie finally found her father through a DNA service. Kelli reached out to Jamie through social media because her husband’s story is very similar and after many years he has finally found his biological mother and siblings! We think stories like this are super inspiring so we wanted to invite them onto the podcast to share their story! 
We always love to hear from you when what we share inspires you guys to take action! Let us know if you want to hear more of these stories!
 Show Notes:
08:34 - Welcome to the show, Tim and Kelli! 
08:51 - Tim shares how he grew up and when he found out he was adopted as well as why he wanted to seek out his biological family.
10:46 - Tim shares what the results were when he did the health history and the ancestry.
13:38 - Doug asks if he had any information before the test was done to find his family?
14:23 - Doug asks if his adopted parents ever had the conversation with him about looking for his biological family?
15:02 - Jamie asks what was it that made him want to connect to his biological mom?
17:17 - Doug asks how it went when they first attempted to reach out to family?
21:39 - Jamie asks if it was a surprise for his biological sister to find out that she has a brother?
26:20 - Doug asks what is the relationship like now and have they set any expectations for the future?
Stay healthy and show love to others and yourself :)
Kelli’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k.dext/
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