Ep. 79 Lifesaving Parenting Tips from Toddler Experts - Big Little Feelings! Part 2

We’re so glad you guys LOVED Kristin and Deena from Big Little Feelings! We didn’t get to share all of the questions we discussed last week, so here are the other parts to the interview! We cannot stop talking about how helpful these ladies are and just how much they have saved our SANITY!
Show Notes:
02:30 - Jamie shares that there is a different dynamic in this MAFS season! Don’t miss it!
03:14 - Jamie asks if it is good or bad to try to manipulate your kids into doing something? She uses the example of Doug whining to convince Henley to take a bite of food.
07:44 - What can we do about all the whining from our toddlers?
08:45 - Kristin and Deena share about the 10 minute miracle.
09:29 - Doug and Jamie talk about how even adults need a 10 minute miracle! Or maybe even 15 minutes!
10:17 - Jamie asks how do you know when your child is ready to potty train and what advice do you have for success?
15:11 - Doug asks what are your thoughts on rewarding kids during potty training?
17:28 - Doug asks if they know if the poop fairy comes to NJ? 😆
17:52 - Jamie asks what is their number one piece of advice when it comes to discipline?
18:10 - The #1 tip is never try to teach the lesson in an emotionally heightened moment!
19:38 - Kristin and Deena share how to calmly talk to your child when they are frustrated.
20:10 - Kristin and Deena share about their upcoming toddler course they have coming soon!
21:05 - One final question, what is the best advice for sleep training your toddler?
27:12 - Next week on the podcast is Liz Sandoz! She was on the Bachelor, and she is currently a doula! We are gonna ask her all sorts of questions - you don’t want to miss it!
Like we say every week! Please think of others and wear a mask! 😘
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