Ep 16: Creating a Lasting Relationship with The Knot's Steve Dziedzic

Oh my gosh, Married at First Sight Reunion was a wild one! We are so glad that Kate finally got to speak out about Luke and stood her ground! She is such a strong girl and she is going to find the perfect husband someday who will treat her like a princess! We can't believe that they are already casting for more couples in Washington D.C.! If you wanna find your scientifically perfect match, apply now!

We are late in posting this because we have been a little busy the past few days 💃🏻 while we are in Curacao celebrating F I V E years together!

We are super excited to chat on today's episode with Steve Dziedzic, who created the app, Lasting. We talk all about the struggles that couples go through and how it is so important to focus on each other's emotional needs. This app, Lasting, makes it super easy!

In This Episode:

[00:45] - SPOILER ALERT - We chat about the MAFS reunion, and if you aren't caught up, you might wanna skip to [14:49] - You've been warned! 🙂

[16:32] - We left our mics in the luggage at the airport on accident. So, we have crappy audio and Steve sounds awesome. But thankfully we got the mics back now!

[17:12] - Introducing Steve Dziedziak, the CEO of Lasting App.

[20:51] - Steve gives us a background of what made him want to create the app, Lasting, and how the Knot has helped to fulfill his dream.

[23:00] - Lasting App likes to flip self-care on its head, because developing your sense of self stems out of the relationship with another person.

[24:26] - There is no better time for an app like this because people are meeting online and getting matched up and everything seems to be electronic.

[24:53] - Doug and Jamie are both proponents of counseling because their marriage was founded on the counseling part.

[25:19] - The majority of people who want to go to therapy don't end up going. On average a person goes to therapy S I X years after seeing a problem, and by then it is often too late for reconciliation.

[30:32] - We ask Steve a question from a fran - "How to Speak to Your Spouse About Mental Health - He just doesn't get it."

[32:38] - Write down what you are wanting to say and practice it before you say it because the power to sway everything from the beginning is enormous.

[33:12] - The process of revealing what is in your head space is far more important than the actual outcome of any given situation because that leads to trust.

[33:30]- Steve answers another question from a fran - "How do you keep the love alive after kids?"

[34:05] - One of the most common mistakes with new parents is that they don't edit their lifestyle with each other post baby.

[36:00] - Thank you, Jamie, for all that you do for our family.

[37:14] - Technology can actually be healthy.

[37:56] - One of the most popular features in the lasting app is being able to tell Lasting to remind you to express appreciation at a certain time of day.

[39:10] - The entire app is based on attachment theory. You're both emotionally dependent on one another. Lasting learns both of your sets of needs.

[40:30] - In order to grow you have to find yourself and get yourself healthy.

[43:56] - Steve explains some practical applications for environment design, such as putting your phone charger in another room besides your bedroom so that you can take distractions away from spending time with your partner.

[46:31] - Steve answers question from fran - "How do you do date nights when you have two babies and literally no family to watch them?"

[48:24] - Steve answers another question - "How do you create boundaries with the in-laws (surprise visits)?"

[52:43] - Next week's special guests...drum roll...Big Doug & Bonnie Hehner answer lots of questions from frans!

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