Ep 15: A Love Letter Life with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

Believe it or not, it’s been five years since we’ve been together! Don’t mind us while we take a moment at the beginning of our episode today to appreciate each other, and talk about how we spent our five-year anniversary. We’re both so thankful that our crazy adventure on Married at First Sight turned into finding each other and creating our beautiful family!

And now, onto today’s guests! You may be familiar with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff from the long-running show Little People, Big World. They (like us!) were married in 2014, and our daughters were born only about a month apart. Their love for each other is absolutely infectious, and we’re thrilled to have them on the show today!

Neither Jeremy nor Audrey had ever been on a blind date before letting their friends set them up. Sparks didn’t exactly fly immediately, but they took the time to get to know each other. Jeremy pursued Audrey for two years after that, he explains, and they chat about how often they saw each other during these years of friendship before they started dating.

Are you as intrigued as we are by Jeremy’s patience? In our conversation today, Audrey and Jeremy will explore what he did during this time that helped encourage her to lower her walls and let him get closer, as well as the mindset that let Jeremy be patient and persistent. He’ll explain his unusual view on the “friend zone,” and how this new perspective can help lead to a relationship.

Tune into this episode to hear their advice on keeping the fire and passion alive in a long-term relationship and marriage, the power of scheduling sex, their tips for couples before they say “I do,” what you can expect to find in their new book A Love Letter Life, and more!

In This Episode:

[01:32] - Welcome back to the show! Doug and Jamie take a moment to share their appreciation for each other for their five-year anniversary.

[05:54] - Jamie explains what she and Doug will be doing to celebrate their anniversary. Doug then passionately explains the issues with shows featuring orcas, dolphins, and other animals.

[09:57] - We hear a couple shout-outs to amazing listeners who left reviews.

[12:32] - Today’s guests are Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

[14:11] - Jeremy talks about how he and Audrey met, which was actually on a blind date.

[15:45] - What was it that was holding Audrey back and keeping her guarded while Jeremy was pursuing her?

[16:40] - How often did Jeremy and Aubrey actually see each other during the two years that they were friends before they started dating?

[22:58] - Audrey talks about what it was that Jeremy was doing that helped her lower her walls, and Jeremy explains what allowed him to be so patient and persistent?

[25:24] - We hear Jeremy and Audrey’s tips on keeping the fire and passion alive in a relationship, especially when it’s long-distance.

[28:49] - What are some of Audrey and Jeremy’s tips for couples before they say “I do”?

[31:10] - Audrey talks about some of the things that you can find in their forthcoming book, A Love Letter Life.

[33:22] - How is the Roloff farm doing?

[35:03] - We hear about whether Jeremy and Audrey are relieved to step away, or whether they’re feeling left out.

[37:02] - What one thing do Audrey and Jeremy want listeners to take away from their message, both here and in their book?

[39:53] - Jamie makes a simple request: screenshot the podcast, post a selfie, and tag @jamieotis and #hotmarriagecoolparents!

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