Ep. 66 NYC Nurse & What its like on the Front Lines of Covid-19

We are living in such strange times right now and there is a lot of uncertainty with having a baby during this time! We are excited to welcome on to today’s episode an amazing nurse friend of Jamie’s who is here to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of what is happening in the labor and delivery unit because of the corona-virus!
Before their guest comes on, Jamie and Doug chat about her pregnancy symptoms, how baby boy is growing so much, 
Later in the episode, they speak with Sara Maher, RN at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NY - the epicenter of the corona-virus! Sara shares her heart about why it is important that everyone stays home. She emphasizes that to have a support person with you during labor and delivery is currently putting many many people at risk. Jamie urges listeners to consider signing a petition giving the hospitals back the right to deny support persons based on the spread of COVID-19. 
DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult cdc.gov.
Bio on our guest:
We are so excited to welcome Sara Maher to the podcast! Not only is Sara an accomplished nurse, but she also is a close friend to Jamie and mentored her when Jamie worked at New York Presbyterian Columbia Hospital in Washington Heights - the #5 hospital in the entire nation! It’s ranked #1 in NYC and not only does it offer excellent care that’s been nationally recognized for years, but it also trains amazing, excellent nurses, doctors, and healthcare staff. Sara has worked there since 2011 and she has been an RN since 2005. She sure has a lot of credentials after her name, too! We wanted to invite her on as a friend, but also as an expert behind the scenes since she has directly treated patients with the Coronavirus! She’s literally in the labor rooms working side by side with patients who either have the virus or have been exposed to it, or who are just laboring and delivering a child during this really scary time!
Show Notes:
3:38 - Doug shares how excited he was to feel the baby moving all over! He loves it when baby kicks, because it’s like the baby is saying hello! :)
5:19 - Jamie and Doug share that they still have much to do for baby’s room before he arrives! Doug shares about anxiety surrounding how they will sleep since Gracie is currently dealing with sleep regression.
9:25 - Jamie talks about how they had to cancel her Baby Sprinkle because of uncertainty with the virus.
9:46 - Jamie takes a moment to thank all of the amazing frans for getting so many nice things for when Henley Grace was born!
10:40 - Jamie shares that they are trying to be careful on how much diapers and wipes that they buy for baby boy, because she wants listeners to understand that others really need the supplies and we should utilize delivery services if we are able.
11:21 - Jamie talks about her awful time with hemorrhoids during both pregnancies and how the doctor said not to do anything about them until she is finished having babies!
12:46 - Doug and Jamie talk about how Big Doug had a hemorrhoid burst at Walt Disney World!!!
14:48 - Jamie and Doug really recommend listeners to try one episode of Netflix’s new Tiger King! It’s a show that you will be laughing - but for all the wrong reasons! They also recommend Love is Blind on Netflix.
16:47 - Doug shares that though Tiger King is a funny show, he does not endorse animals in captivity.
18:04 - Doug and Jamie have the idea that listeners send in their favorite binge-worthy TV shows!
22:23 - Welcome to the podcast, Sara Maher!
23:38 - Sara shares that they have been testing all of their patients for the corona-virus.
24:24 - Jamie shares that she saw on the news that there might be a test that’s available that the results would come back much sooner! Sara shares that at first the tests would take 12 hours,...
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