Ep. 72 Jamie and Doug's Home Birth Story Quarantined

Baby Hendrix is here!!! This episode is all about our home birth, and we get into ALL the details about what happened that day! He came SO fast!!! We’re recording from our bedroom on this episode because Jamie is still taking it easy, so you will hear baby Hendrix and Gracie some in the background! We’re definitely learning to adjust with 2 kiddos :)
Show Notes:
02:00 - Jamie shares that next week’s episode will be all about the 4th trimester - PSA it might get a little intimate!
03:10 - Doug shares that even with all the crazy it was SUCH a great day!!!
03:20 - Jamie shares that all the masks were sent out if you requested one!
04:54 - Doug and Jamie share about Hendrix’s birth story.
05:58 - Jamie shares that they thought for sure he would come early but he actually came 1 day AFTER her due date!
07:34 - Jamie shares that she was ready for Baby Hendrix to come out because he was a big boy! 
08:20 - Doug shares that before labor, he felt like they were totally prepared and that he felt in his gut everything would be great!
09:20 - Doug commends Jamie for mentally preparing for this labor! He tells Jamie she is amazing :) Jamie shares what all she did to prepare for the labor.
11:30 - Doug and Jamie shared that she was constantly thinking “I can endure anything for 1 minute!”
12:03 - Jamie learned through Ina Gaskin’s book that positive affirmations are SO important. She also learned and kept in her mind the idea that any pain she was going through, Hendrix was also going through and she needed to stay strong and one with her son! 
13:23 - Jamie shares that she doesn’t believe that you can have an orgasm after birth even though some women swear that you can!
13:48 - Jamie shares that Doug had given her a back massager for Mother’s Day and she asked him to rub her feet while she used the back massager on her back. Doug thinks the joy of the massager and the footrub was what put her in labor!
15:38 - Jamie shares that her biggest fear was that the baby would have shoulder dystocia (where the baby gets stuck inside) - this can be very dangerous even in the hospital!
16:50 - By 10 am Jamie realized that the contractions were getting more intense and she was SO excited! She started timing the contractions at precisely 12:19 pm.
18:17 - Zoe, our assistant, has been quarantining with Doug and Jamie and they both give her a big shoutout for all of her help that day!
20:21 - Jamie shares that she did a Baby Mama dance on TikTok that she hasn’t shared yet!
21:44 - Jamie shares that they also had 2 previous assistants (who are like sisters to her) come over to help that day, too!
22:29 - Jamie shares how sorry she is to frans that she didn’t get to go livestream on Instagram for the birth. She really wished she could have and hopes that frans can understand and forgive her! She is so sad that she let some people down ;(
27:23 - Jamie says a huge THANK YOU to those of you who said such kind words and were so supportive after she wasn’t able to go live on Instagram for the birth.
28:30 - Doug shares that even though they didn’t get to go live, they did film everything for Couples Cam and for YouTube. Couples Cam starts on May 20! Not sure when the intimate details on YouTube will be up - stay tuned!
33:07 - Jamie shares that one of the ways to ease her pain during labor was to squeeze combs and to squeeze Doug’s fingernail and thumb. She finally got in the tub and HIGHLY recommends using water during natural labor!
35:07 - Jamie shares that the midwife made her get out of the tub because it was too hot and that was so hard to do! Jamie gets really vulnerable and shares that she has never felt like she needed Doug more than during this labor - she shares just how much she feels like their relationship grew and they bonded as a couple!
37:38 - Jamie finally got back in the tub and it was go time! She felt like she needed to push and she could feel the bag bulging!
38:27 - Jamie shares that after a few pushes...
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