Ep. 78 Lifesaving Parenting Tips from Toddler Experts - Big Little Feelings! Part 1

Doug and I aren’t always on the same page when it comes to parenting. We really try to make the rules together and stick to them so that we are a united front with these kids, but sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we literally have no idea what to do! 
We are SUPER lucky this week to be able to have toddler EXPERTS, Kristin and Deena, on the podcast this week! Deena is a child therapist and a parent coach, and Kristin is a momma of two toddlers. Together they share the most PRACTICAL tips for handling toddlers on their Instagram page, Big Little Feelings! 
Welcome to Hot Marriage. Cool Parents, Kristin and Deena! We’re so glad you are joining us!!!
Show Notes:
00:21 - Henley Grace is here on the podcast to chat with you!
04:00 - Jamie shares an update from her 6 weeks postpartum appointment and shares the current information on her being HPV positive.
07:58 - Doug and Jamie share that if you would like to talk about your story in an anonymous way, comment on Instagram!
08:13 - Jamie shares that it is important that we share our stories because otherwise no one will feel comfortable enough to get treatment!
10:24 - Jamie shares that she found out that she has a cyst on her vaginal wall that doesn’t hurt so she is leaving it there for now!
16:53 - It’s time to welcome on Deena and Kristin to the show!
17:00 - Jamie asks the toddler experts their advice on transitioning a toddler from a crib to a toddler bed.
19:33 - Doug asks what signs do you look for or are there any tips for preparing your toddler’s mind for the switch?
24:02 - Doug shares that no one could have prepared for teaching kids at home during quarantine. He asks what are recommendations as to how many activities parents should be doing at home with their toddlers? Are there too many activities?
27:02 - Doug asks, what are some ways to respond to a child that will only say no? 
30:50 - Jamie shares how thankful she is for their Instagram page which gives daily nuggets of wisdom.
31:33 - Jamie asks what is the right parental reaction to when a child doesn’t respond to the this or that option?
33:22 - Doug gets vulnerable and shares about a parenting struggle he recently had with Henley.
35:57 - Next week on the podcast we answer WILD questions about us! It’s gonna be a fun one!
Wear your masks, people! Let’s kick this pandemic!

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