Ep. 84 The Hilarious & Amazing Actress and Comedian Lauren Lapkus Talks Hollywood Life Under Quarantine & Her Love for MAFS!

We are SO excited to have the absolutely HILARIOUS Lauren Lapkus with us on the podcast today! Oh my goodness, this girl is SO talented! She's an American actress, comedian, and impressionist and she is known for portraying Susan Fischer on Orange is the New Black and Jess in the HBO series Crashing, and she is the BIGGEST star of Jamie's favorite movie on Netflix, the Wrong Missy! She's also a MAFS fan! Wow - we are thrilled to be able to chat with her!
Welcome, Lauren! Before we bring Lauren on, Doug gives an update on their Florida home and shares his thoughts about potentially becoming a full time stay-at-home dad!
Show Notes:
20:15 - Doug, Jamie, and Lauren chat about the Wrong Missy and Lauren talks about her podcast, Newcomers.
21:57 - Lauren shares how she got involved with acting.
23:28 - Jamie asks Lauren what it was like starting out and then having her breakthrough of being the lead role in a hit movie?
25:00 - Lauren talks about what it is like working closely with Adam Sandler.
25:48 - Lauren talks about opportunities to improv in The Wrong Missy.
27:17 - Doug asks Lauren if she had any romantic feelings toward David Spade?
28:27 - Lauren talks about how weird it can be to film making out and sex scenes as a married woman.
30:32 - Lauren shares about her love for MAFS, and especially Doug and Jamie's season!
31:56 - Doug asks Lauren about filming the fish scene in The Wrong Missy.
34:00 - How is the quarantine affecting Lauren's jobs?
35:18 - Jamie asks Lauren about season 2 of her podcast, Newcomers.
38:05 - Jamie asks Lauren which season of MAFS is the most memorable?
41:00 - Doug, Jamie, and Lauren chat about the current season of MAFS as well as their interest in 90 Day Fiance.
48:28 - Lauren tells listeners all of the different films and specials she has taken part in.
49:42 - Doug asks Lauren what it's like working with Netflix?
50:24 - Doug asks Lauren how she and her husband met?

We have some exciting interviews lined up! Stay tuned! AND Please stay well, everyone! 😘WEAR YOUR MASKS!
Lauren’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurenlapkus/

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