Ep. 134 You Mean Being Bipolar Can Be A Blessing?! How Scout Sobel Built An Empire While Battling Bipolar Disorder

This is such a special episode of Hot Marriage. Cool Parents, that Jamie called in from the doctor’s parking lot just to be with us! Today, we have the pleasure of welcoming a very important guest with whom we have interacted in the past but never had the opportunity to sit down and speak! She's the author of The Emotional Entrepreneur, co-host of the Okay Sis Podcast, host of the SCOUT Podcast, Founder of Scout's Agency, and a trailblazing entrepreneur, Scout Sobel! Scout’s success did not come without her fair share of trials and tribulations. She has been living with bipolar disorder for the past 15 years, which once rendered her unable to hold down a job, go to college, or function from day to day. With a focus on self-development work, Scout now successfully manages her bipolar disorder and uses her mental health healing journey to inspire other women to take radical responsibility for their emotions, live a life of purpose, and follow their entrepreneurial calling.

In this episode, we find out why Scout calls her bipolar disorder her most sacred internal compass, how you can empower those who feel helpless to take control over their own lives, and how Scout cultivated the foundational belief that she is safe in her emotions, as well as what you can expect from her book, The Emotional Entrepreneur, and some of the non-negotiable mental health tools she puts into practice on a daily basis, plus a whole lot more! Even if you don’t struggle with mental health issues, there is so much insight, inspiration, and practical advice that you can take away from this conversation, so make sure not to miss it! Tune in today.

Key Points From This Ep:
• Scout’s #1 tip for women entrepreneurs: celebrate every and any win possible!
• How taking radical responsibility for her emotions kickstarted her entrepreneurial journey.
• Find out what she means when she calls her bipolar disorder a ‘sacred internal compass’.
• Hear about some of the free resources and support groups available to you.
• The value of implementing a daily routine that works for you, even if you are a busy parent.
• Scout emphasizes the importance of owning where you say ‘yes’ in your life; say no more!
• How you can take control over 30 minutes of your day to concentrate on nourishing rest.

“Being proud of yourself is my number one tip. Celebrating any and every win possible is the way to move forward.” — Scout Sobel

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The Emotional Entrepreneur — https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578951754
NAMI Support Groups — https://www.nami.org/Support-Education/Support-Groups
Depressed Anonymous — https://depressedanon.com/
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