Ep. 82 Chemo During Pregnancy? Sangela Martins Shares How She Overcome Ovarian Cancer WHILE PREGNANT!

We are SUPER blessed to have Sangela Martins, mama of 2, wife, and ovarian cancer survivor on HMCP today! Sangela’s story is unique because when she was pregnant with her second kiddo, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after doctors spotted a cyst on her ovary at her 14-week pregnancy scan. She and her daughter fought through it and now she has a beautiful baby and is cancer-free! We are SO happy for her! Sangela uses her platform to spread awareness about ovarian cancer and we hope that it helps any ladies right now that are fighting a similar battle!
Before we bring Sangie on, Doug and Jamie talk about the option of name changes, their recent trip back to Jamie’s hometown (the family got to meet Hendrix!!), the struggles during Jamie’s childhood, and the passing away of Jamie’s step-dad. Jamie shares about how proud she is of her siblings breaking the cycle!
Doug and Jamie also chat about the new season of MAFS and share who their favorite couple is! 
Show Notes:
23:29 - Sangela shares how she found out she had ovarian cancer and what it was like finding that out while pregnant.
34:21 - Doug, Jamie and Sangie talk about how in a way her daughter inside had saved her life! Doug asks if there was ever a chance that the treatments could have hurt the baby.
38:14 - Jamie asks how long did she have to have chemo while pregnant? 
38:47 - Jamie asks if there were any sort of side effects she had while being pregnant?
39:51 - Doug asks if Sangie was always planning to do an unmedicated birth?
42:06 - Jamie asks what was the toughest part of the whole situation?
43:44 - Jamie asks Sangie to share what she would say to someone going through a similar situation?
50:22 - Next week on the podcast we DISH all about MAFS!
Be kind to yourself this week. Love you ALL.
Sangela’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sangiemamadoll/
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