Ep. 122 Jamie's Suicidal Thoughts & How To Heal Your Inner Child With Lavinia Brown Pt 1

We are excited to welcome Lavinia Brown to HMCP this week! Lavinia Brown, who is helping mothers to heal the patterns that are keeping them stuck is our guest today! Lavinia is an ambitious, multitasking psychodynamic coach, supporting other women to find the commitment and courage to parent their ‘inner children’ and claim their adult voice. She’s also a momma to 3 who has both loved and hated motherhood. She has had to confront her own childhood trauma. Besides being SUPER helpful to others as a coach, she is quite the adventurer!

So Jamie has lately been trying to figure out if some childhood trauma has been affecting our marriage relationship and we are excited this week to chat with Lavinia about how to reparent our inner child. We split the interview into 2 parts, so be sure to come back next week for Part 2!

Before we share the interview, we chat about Jamie's upcoming birthday party!

21:42 - Welcome to HMCP, Lavinia!
21:55 - What caused you to even learn about how to heal your inner childhood trauma and how do you know that what you're offering is actually helpful?
25:01 - You said, "They didn't care for me the way that I needed to be cared for?" What's a good example of recognizing that in yourself and as you parent your kid?
33:10 - What do you do if you are trying to not mask your frustrations?

Answers to "Can you share some practical ways that we can reparent our inner child?" and more in part 2 next week!!!

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